The Best Laid Plans … Planning our Cabin!

My husband, Stuart, asked me to talk about construction. Typical man topic, right?  Before we get to construction, I need to explain how we arrived at our floor plans.  We spent a lot of years dreaming and deciding what was important to us in our cabin layout and design.  A large room for family gatherings was tops on the list, you know, the open concept idea talked about so much these days.  This great room would encompass a living space with a wood burning fireplace, a dining area and a kitchen.  Stuart and I both have immediate families of 20 plus people, so we wanted to have a space that could accommodate that size group for family get togethers and meals.  Another feature we really wanted in this room was a vaulted ceiling.  The aesthetic and illusion of space that it would provide were something we hoped to incorporate.  The main floor would contain not only the great room, but also two bedrooms, a bathroom and a laundry room.  Additionally, we both felt strongly about incorporating substantial outdoor living space.  cabin floor plans, cabin design, cabin, planning our cabin, CountrymarkAfter all, we started this dream during our camping days when we spent the vast majority of our waking hours outdoors.  We knew we wanted a cabin plan with plenty of porch space.
               In conjunction with the vaulted ceiling, we planned to have some type of loft area.  Many of the cabin plans we found featured a master suite in the loft.  While a master suite is a wonderful use of square footage, neither of us had a desire to use the loft space in this way.  We much preferred extra sleeping quarters to a spa-like bathroom and massive walk-in closet.  Both of us also liked the idea of some sort of open space in the loft as well.  Stuart and I have three children.  It is our hope that, cabin floor plans, cabin design, cabin, planning our cabin, Countrymarkin the future when they have families of their own, they will come visit us at the cabin.  In anticipation of such an event, we wanted to create a floor plan that would ensure ample bedrooms and beds for everyone.
               Lastly, we needed to consider the foundation.  Due to our building site and the need for space for storage and utilities, we decided that a basement was the way to go.  cabin floor plans, cabin design, cabin, planning our cabin, CountrymarkOur basement would have one exposed side due to the fall away area we planned to build.  Inside, having a basement would give us enough area to have some sort of game room.  cabin floor plans, cabin design, cabin, planning our cabin, Countrymarkcabin floor plans, cabin design, cabin, planning our cabin, Countrymark
               As I mentioned in a previous post, we got our plans from Countrymark Log Homes (  The product they sell is a hybrid log cabin.  It is not a traditional log cabin, in the purest sense, but a marrying of standard stick construction with hand hewn log exterior and interior walls.  There were several reasons that we decided to choose this option:  first and foremost was price, old or new traditional log homes are more expensive;  second was energy efficiency, traditional log homes with chinking between are not as tightly sealed and can dry and settle over time causing gaps;  and last was ease in building, stick construction materials are much more uniform in size than their unmilled counterparts.  Countrymark has many plans to choose from and will help customize them to your personal preferences.  We found one of their existing plans and worked with Ed to modify it to suit our priorities.  Ed and Christine Demaree, proprietors of Countrymark Log Homes, also have their own sawmill to provide the log materials. This benefits the customer both in price and delivery time.
               I found an awesome website recently for helping to find ideas and plan for your log cabin home.  It is .  Take a look, it may be helpful in planning your dream cabin!
Construction details coming soon, stay tuned!