Where to Begin? Laundry Room Design

I previously told you that, after doing some reading and searching on http://www.houzz.com, I began to develop my personal cabin style. But I had a daunting task in front of me:  I still had an entire house to decorate! The question soon surfaced in my mind:  Where do I begin? I knew that I wanted each space to have a bit of an individual personality while unifying them with my style descriptors (rustic, industrial, farmhouse). While I didn’t really plan to start in the smallest room, that is exactly what happened. Our floor plans included a space for a laundry room on the main floor. One day I happened across a photo of a laundry room that I really liked.  laundry room design, cabin design  That’s where I launched my laundry room design. In the photo, the washer and dryer were side by side with a cabinet frame around them, a folding counter on the top and cabinets for storage above. In the corner next to the dryer was tucked a tiled floor sink with a faucet and sprayer and a hanging rod above. I was in love! Well, as in love as you can be with a laundry room! From there I started to imagine what we would put on the walls. I think that I have failed to mention previously that Stuart gave me another challenge: He wanted no drywall, anywhere. Although I thought the hand hewn log walls would be nice in the great room, I couldn’t imagine them on every vertical surface in the cabin (way too much of the same thing!). So, my current dilemma was what to put on the walls in the laundry room? A group of items I was following on http://EBTH.com began to give me inspiration.  laundry design ideas, vintage laundry, washboard, cabin  There I found a lot of vintage laundry items: baskets, a wall mount drying rack, some old wooden clothespins, and a few hand held washboards. As I looked at the picture of the washboards, I started to imagine the textured surface of the scrubbing portion of the board on the walls. With that idea, I began investigating corrugated metal wall coverings. I quickly decided that I wanted the galvanized (non shiny) metal. We were lucky enough to come across some old metal with some rust on the edges from our new found “junker” friend, Carl (more on him later). Next, I found and bought some hand painted Mexican tiles from http://houzz.com to use for the floor sink and the image really began to take shape in my mind.  handmade Mexican tiles, laundry room design, cabin  While it would take a while before I decided on the exact cabinets, I decided on the color, an olive green. I picked out one of the cabinet pulls and some light fixtures that I had placed in my Houzz ideabook to use.  industrial lighting, laundry room design, cabin laundry room design, rustic, cabin  I also decided I would put a shelf above the hanging rod with some of my vintage laundry items from EBTH and an oval enameled wash basin that I remember my mother using when I was a young girl to presoak stained clothing.  A reclaimed Dutch door from Architectural Salvage (http://architecturalsalvage.com) with dark metal hardware and windows on the upper half was the perfect choice to close the room off from the hallway.  My husband’s creative mind figured out a way to use some reclaimed and weathered wood to frame in the metal walls and around the exterior window.  This room is still a work in progress. The floor sink, hanging rod and shelf are not yet installed and the counter top is temporary until we find the perfect stone remnant.  I will include more finished photos in future posts.

Next up: the main floor bathroom. Stay tuned!